University Politehnica of Bucharest - Center for Advanced Research on New Materials, Products and Innovative Processes

Research labs

Optoelectronics, Dielectric and Piezoelectric Materials (Lab 1) Microsensors, Components and Systems for Optical Communications (Lab 2) Microelectronic Structures (Lab 3) Automotive Green Technologies (Lab 4) Electrical Energy Conversion Technologies, Renewable Energy Sources and Impact on Environment and Population (Lab 5) Advanced Digital Imaging Systems and Algorithms (Lab 6) Multimedia (Lab 7) Robots – Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (Lab 8) Human-Computer Dialogue Systems and Speech and Audio Forensics (Lab 9) Smart City Networks (Lab 10) Architectures, Protocols and Subsystems for Networks and Services (Lab 11) Traffic Engineering and Services Management in Integrated Networks (Lab 12) Metamaterial Structures and Dielectrics with Special Properties (Lab 13) Systems with Innovative Antennas (Lab 14) Thin Layers (Lab 15) Nanotechnologies (Lab 16) Polimeric Nanomaterials (Lab 17) MicroCeramic Nanomaterials (Lab 18) Fluide Nanostructures and Soft Nanomaterials (Lab 19) Nanobiomaterials (Lab 20) Clean Combustion (Lab 21) CO2 Capture (Lab 22) Energy Efficiency (Lab 23) Green Ecological Buildings (Lab 24) Energetic Systems Monitoring and Control (Lab 25) Geothermal Technologies and Sources (Lab 26) Solar Technologies (Lab 27) Thermal Processes Simulation (Lab 28) Soil Contamination Analysis, Control and Remediation (Lab 29) Water and Air Quality Control (Lab 30) Fuels Analysis and Certification (Lab 31) Food Safety (Lab 32) Innovative Equipment and Processes for Renewable Energy Conversion (Lab 33) Electromagnetic Field - Material Interaction (Lab 34) Advanced Materials for Electrical Engineering (Lab 35) Signals, Systems and Process Control (Lab 36) Large Scale Distributed Systems (Lab 37) Embedded Systems & Wireless Sensor Networks (Lab 38) Cognitive and Cooperative Technologies for Intelligent Systems (Lab 39) Big Data (Lab 40) Complex Information Systems (Lab 41) Flight Testing and Experimental Models (Lab 42) Smart Agriculture Technology (Lab 43)